We keep at least eight dachshunds in the house alternating them with the kennel dogs all the time. As we keep some of the stud dogs in the house bitches in season must live in the heated kennels and soon make friends with their new kennelmate. We usually kennel in pairs because all our dogs are very sociable and don't like being on their own.

All our pups are born and reared in the house, so getting used to everyday household noises and activities. They also learn to mix at an early age with the adult dogs who seem to love having them around.

We  have just mated Phoebe (Torwood Photogenic Phoebe) to Pete (Torwood Please Turn Over) so hope for Dachs babies around the end of February. More news when Phoebe is confirmed in pup

In the meantime our babies from the spring litters are coming on a treat and Spice the silver dapple girl we are keeping is now living in the house with Pagan, her chocolate cousin, and Per, a black/tan and the latest baby out of Blazer our 12+ year old boy. We are so looking forward to showing them along with Pete, who has done so well being placed every time he has been shown.
STOP PRESS.    Pagan  (Bluebegin Pagan Moon At Torwood) will be going with Pete (Torwood Please Turn Over) to Crufts 2016. having qualified at his 1st Ch Show.

Of Interest.       We have decided to rehome two silver dapple girls, Misty at 5+ and Wiccan at 7+. We will not be mating or showing them again as we have lovely pups out of both and feel they deserve a little more peace and quiet away from the growing teenagers they have produced who make life so hectic in the Torwood household playing so actively with the younger Flatcoats. Anyone interested in a more mature, settled, but not cabbage like lady, please get in touch and come and meet our gang.