Puppies all colours bred from our bitches and mostly related to our stud dog Blazer.

Blazer in his bed with his toys. He really has beautiful soulful eyes. I must do better with the camera next time. He takes his duties as senior male on the premises very seriously keeping a close eye on all the activities within our boundries (all 2 acres). This includes the hens, ducks & geese as well as the Flatcoats and Westie (who being a terrier) is not impressed with his attentions as she roots around doing her own thing!

Torry, Torwood Burnt Gold's puppies

 Torwood Burnt to a Crisp                                                                      Torwood Mulberry (Blazer's mum)

 Crisp with puppies

 Lydia with puppies

 Hugo                                                                              Fritz

 Geordie (Irish Champion Gayvilles Northern Lad at Jumanda) and Chip (Torwood Blue Chip) pups at four weeks old

 Torwood Too Good To Be True (Gooey) Torwood Stars 'N' Stripes (George)

George and litter mates at play Torwood Back To Blue (Pin)

Torwood Burnt Trick (Trixie) and babies