Lad and Penny's litter



The second litter of 2017 has arrived at Torwood with 9 super babies from Torwood Helter Skelter (Helga) to Herbie (Ladyleys Black Magis At Torwood). All black these 3 girls & 6 boys are coming along very well. Already being weaned and begining to explore their surroundings their individual personalities are beginning to come through and they should make ideal working dogs and super companions for the whole family.


2nd Crufts MLD 2015        In Stud Book.

Ladyleys Black Magic At Torwood

Hips 3:4    Eyes Clear + G (2012)

Hugo My Boy At Torwood.  Hips 3:4  Eyes Cl +G (cert 2012)

Torwood Black Chiffon.  hips 3:3   Tyes Clear +G.                

Torwood Helter Skelter

Hips 3 : 3.  


In Stud Book

Arristottle Athos At Torwood.     Hips 3:6.  Eyes Cl +G

Torwood Assignation    Eyes Cl +G




We occasionally hear of dogs who, for various reasons cannot remain part of their family. Sometimes these little people can stay in their original homes until the right family come along, other times they come to stay with us and become part of our gang,  because we always take in our own dogs, who are always part of our family, especially if they are sired by our stud dogs.
 If an older dog interests you or you don't feel you can cope with the demands of a new puppy but could give an older dog the love and attention, which will be amply returned, please contact us and we will help all we can. Even if we don't know of a suitable dog at present you never know when people's circmstances change, and you could be owned by a loving older Flatcoat.

Puppies who leave us are all vet-checked at 6 weeks and given their first Parvo-virus injection, as well as having an ongoing schedule or worming and insurance as well as being chipped. They also leave with a diet sheet and instructions about puppy care, as well as a substantial supply of the food that they are already eating and used to, this helps to avoid tummy upsets when settling in with their new families. We are always here to assist when difficulties occur even if only to offer advice and give re-assurance and are always on the other end of the telephone.