Judging a cold game test in sugarbeet

Fanny (Ichicer Maiden at Torwood) and her family in Holland Jones (Hasweth Inigo Jones) with Denise in 1988

A good bag in Sweden

 Scaling the jump                         Is it our turn?                  Harry (Heronsflight Herald to Torwood) and his son at the pond

Kurt with a long retrieve in Sweden


.......... and competing at agility, flyball, obedience ....... and Dash n Splash!!


Valerie Bernhardts and the Meadowrue gang in America Jed - 1st Winstock Henrietta competing at agility  Dash n Splash EMDAC show 2008

.......... or just plain having fun ...........


I started judging Flatcoats way back in the 1970's at open shows around the UK.
Then onto Championship Shows in the UK which then led into Europe and the rest of the world.
Over the years I have made so many friends worldwide, and have been given the opportunity to Judge so many wonderful dogs, that I would like to thank everyone who has asked for my opinion by putting their dog under me at a show and remind them that whatever I say, it is only my opinion, and they still take the best dog home.  


Canada 1994 Best of Breed.......                 and Ontario in 2000


            Holland                                                          Austria                                                         Holland

United Kingdom                                                       Sweden                                      Switzerland


                                                                judging in Israel beneath a bedouin tent



                                                                          Torwood Trader with the Pewcroft Working Shield

Jones with his Best In Show trophies
(Hasweth Inigo Jones)

 ~~~ 1st in Post Graduate Bitch out of 21 bitches!! ~~~

Truely Madly Deeply To Torwood (Rully)

What the judge said about our Rully
" PG (21.6) 1st Jury's Truly Madly Deeply To Torwood - Liver bitch, not big and at the lower end of the height scale but profile is balanced. Liked the topline. Pleasing head with acceptable eye colour for a liver. Coat in good condition. Won this class on her precise movement. It was a pleasure to find an exhibit that moved so straight and true both coming and going." J.M. Irvine (Judge)

Having been around Flatcoats for around fourty years, you tend to collect a lot of photos and news clipping along the way. I have found myself delving into boxes of old photographs for the website, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a section dedicated to the flatcoats of yesteryears, for it's them that give today's Flat coated Retriever the history that they truly deserve. These Flatcoats must never be forgotten - you are in our hearts and memories always.  




Over the years many Torwood dogs have been exported worldwide, to become foundation bitches for many kennels and be incorporated with other lines to increase the longevity and compound the equable temperament of local Flatcoat