The Torwood Household

We moved to our present premises of nearly 3 acres  in 1987 and have been settling in and extending ever since. The main kennels were already built,  but  stables and isolation kennels have been added to accommodate bitches in season and my horse. The whole area is securely fenced in so the ducks, geese and hens cannot roam too far. The ducks also enjoy the pond which was built suitably deep, and with an island for water work with the Flatcoats in mind. Small copse of trees and undergrowth have been planted and developed to assist natural wildlife and gundog training facilities, i.e. varied jumps in a jumping lane.

In fact the whole represents a peaceful haven to retire to and just sit (lets forget about the thinking), on warm, balmy evenings in summer, or enjoy the crisp beauty of a frosty morning in midwinter. Being on a slope, you cannot call it a hill, we have not suffered from the incessent rains of the past years but the dogs should be so beautiful having been covered in mud so often from walking on the Five Pits Trail which ajoins our land.

Take a look through some of the pictures of our home life .............

The kennels

towards the copse and paddock  the pond with the ducks ....                                    a wintery view of the copse